One shotted Vyr Archon

Hi all,

I’m coming for help because I don’t exactly know what I do wrong with my seasonal character (wizard). It’s my first character ever, and tried to follow some build online to get started. My problem is that my character is super fragile, and systematically get one shotted when not in Archon form past GR80+.
This is manageable when I’m playing in team, but when I’m soloing it’s rapidly frustrating. I understand that the wizard is supposed to be fragile, but is mine too weak? If so what can I do to move forward?


Archon isn’t very reliable for staying alive, especially in contrast to the buffed hydra.

If you are using Chantodo, what i like to do, is to just build up 5-15 stacks, or 0 stacks and just enter archon form to get the first 40-50 stacks from Fazula’s Improbable Chain belt, which will remain for 20 seconds while outside of archon, if you are also wearing The Swami hat. I use ray of frost and frost nova to build up chantodo stacks.

Since Hydra has been buffed, i prefer that for endgame and use Archon for power leveling, but i think, that my non-seasonal archon wizard is still setup for greater rifts(not 100% sure). You can try his build, if you want, and then change the parts, that you don’t like about it.

Just try to go for the kind of stats, that you see on my gear, they are also the kind of stats, that the game will show to benefit you the most, both in terms of damage and toughness. Most of the “build guides” out there use very specific setups and/or promise much better performance than what you get(which is probably due to how well the guide writers play the game i think).

I am using it to fast clear level 95 GR for ExP and doing other things like rifts and bounties. The issue with higher GR’s is that you need to chain Archon, taking above 101. You need to keep stacks high to stay alive. The second the stacks drop off you are in trouble. If the GR is low enough you can attack one mob untill you have 120-150 stacks and then when you enter Archon again the new stacks turn you into a killing machine.

Starting at 50 stacks is a must. The issue is that you are very easy to kill. Reducing the time between Archon is a must.