Patch 2.7.7 - anyone got it already?

Game told me to update and terminated. Launcher keeps saying there are no updates available. :-/

No update notice right now. I can start 2.7.6 at the moment.

It just started for me. US Console forum says there are no Altar nor Visions in NS. I’m about to check it.

Correction to my post above. Searched for update in the launcher and it started downloading…
And 2.7.7 is active. Poor Tal Rasha :cry:

…and no Altar nor Visions in NS. Yup, that’s what “permanent fixture” and “always available” mean in Blizzspeak.


The news scroller in the launcher on Diablo III says;

Rites of Sanctuary and Visions of Enmity are here to stay
These two features from past seasons are now permanent additions to Diablo III. Try them out in Patch 2.7.7. today!"

I mean, surely they could atleast be correct in their own communications? But I guess it’s just a case of the modern classic of bait and switch.


Season gets the Altar of Rites
Non season looks like an Altar of Lies

Also season gets Visions of Enmity
Non season seems to have just gotten enmity (enmity in the meaning of a state or feeling of active opposition or hostility)

Lots of understandable enmity both here and in the US forum.