Patch bug? vengeful wind

I logged on today and rolled me a new vengeful wind in the cube, got an ancient with 10 stacks on it… But it wasnt the best, so did a round of bounties to try again. I rolled it again, but this time i got the old wind, 2 with 6 stacks and 1 with 7, and ofc no sweeping wind damage… Wierd and annoying

Wrong forum. Technical supports don’t handle/fix bugs. Please use the proper channel to report bugs:

For your case, I think, the latter rerolls, you were using a legacy item. Reforge won’t convert a legacy item into new version. You were wasting materials. Not a bug.

i think you might be right :smiley: Actually, i know you are.
Thank you, ill go slap myself for being a tool :rofl:

Um this is the EU forums mate we don’t have that “Bug report” tab that you speak of so no this isn’t the wrong forum
If he is located on EU servers then don’t post on US forums because they might not have the same problem as we do so please don’t spread misinformation to people.
Sure you could argue that this belongs in the Monk section of the forums but I digress a technical problem is still a technical problem because it could be a problem with the patch.

That’s because there’s only one Bug Report forum, and it’s on the US forums, which Maskraider provided a link to. It’s the only correct place to report bugs.


That’s not what I have heard but ok.