Pets picking up *everything* (almost)

So yeah, the Altar of Rites shows it’s possible with Death Breath ; please, please, let pets pick up all crafting materials. There’s not practical reason for it not to be possible.

If people would be against it (as the suggestion on the side shows from another, older post, then make it an option ! If people want to play ARPG Janitor games, then let them do it. And offer the real heroes the possibility to click on demons, and not dropped loot.

This was repeatedly asked for in the PTR forums for this patch / season.
It was ignored then, and it’ll be ignored now.

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Another thing. If you want more speed in rifts don’t pick up single crystals, dusts and reusables.

Another thing. Don’t use Bane of the Stricken for low level content. The stacking damage only works on one monster at a time even when you’re fighting a big crowd. Stricken is to be used when killing the rift guardian starts to take too long.