Played Diablo4 - there is nothing to do

So I leveled up to max level on hardcore mode hardest mode and there is nothing to do in the game when you are max level. This game is pretty empty. I think its wierd that lvl 25 is the max level for a new game and i guess the closed zones will be later in expansions or something?

Also sorceror is way way way overpowered compared to all other classes.

Anyway this games endgame is more dead than diablo3 tbh.


This is the beta version. Most content (like story, regions, skills, levels, end-game) is locked. We will be able to unlock everything in the real game. The beta is just to give you a taste of some mechanics, see the world, and see how heroes play. Even then, many of the things that look granted in the beta could be changed for the final version. And there would be expansions too, in the future, which will add more characters, more acts, items, and activities.

Sorcerer is indeed overpowered but also very fun to play. Barbarian on the other hand feels anemic. I hate the idea of dot (damage over time) on barbarians. This contradicts the nature of the hero. Barbs should face their opponents head on, and tear them apart with brute force. Not just running around like scared rabbits while waiting for the dot to do its part. Again, this is the beta. There is no way of knowing how strong and balanced all the classes will be after the final release. Not counting, also, how sets or end-game gear will affect the damage output for some skills. Maybe some characters that seemed weak in the beta, could be real monsters at lvl50 with paragons and fully geared. But at lvl 25 barbs feel way weaker than rogue and sorcerer and the gameplay is a lot slower and boring. Also, pvp will be a significant part of this game, so don’t expect to see items or sets with D3 multipliers (x skill does 10000% damage), cause this would make pvp unplayable if everyone is oneshotting everyone.

Necro and druid will also be playable during the second stage of the beta. I am looking forward to the druid as it was for me personally the most interesting class in Diablo 2.


Are you dumb? You could only get to level 25 in the Beta. You though Blizz would just allow you to experience the whole game before it got out?

You also complain about Sorc being overpowered? I play DH in D3 and I 1 shot everything in my path.

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Continue playing minecraft then.

Why are you telling us this on the Diablo III forums…