Playing with a brand new account has a pretty major issue concerning difficulty

We enjoyed Diablo 3 seasonal runs on pc for years. Since the entire diablo collection was pretty cheap on on xbox, we decided to start playing it in local multiplayer from our couch instead.
PC saves aren’t exchangeable with console saves though. No biggie, since we mostly play seasonals anyway. Just have to play through the entire story once.

And here is the issue: Until you finish the full storyline, the maximum difficulty is set to ‘Expert’. Can’t go higher.
We just entered act 2, and we are blazing through everything, with bossfights lasting a few seconds at most. With 3 more acts to go, it feels a bit absurd to not simply let us pick a higher difficulty.
For now we will suck it up and just try rushing through the story, but that means a few hours of mindless running, blindly killing everything before we can actually start having fun. I can’t imagine actual NEW players being very eager to sit this out until the end though.

I don’t know if Blizzard still reads these topics, but unlocking difficulty for ‘new’ accounts seems like a very minor change that could fix a pretty severe difficulty balancing issue that exists with current-day diablo 3.

Blizzard documentation is wrong then.
When hovering over ‘Master’, the game tells you that you need to complete the campaign first.
When hovering over torment 1, the game tells you you need to complete the campaign and be level 70 first.

Since we are playing local multiplayer, there is nobody that can put is in a higher difficulty.

Why does that screenshot look like the PC version?
I’m telling you the console version requirements, since we are in the CONSOLE section.

I will tonight then, since you’re being a real asshole about not wanting to believe me. Extra since appearantly you don’t even own the console version.

Why the hell would I lie about this?