PlayStation Trophy - Altar of Rites

Hi, first time post here so apologies if this has been answered before but I couldn’t find a direct answer.

I’m trying to get the ‘Up all night to get lucky’ trophy on PlayStation where I need to equip legendary gear in every slot with a minimum level of 70. Have I screwed this up by using the Altar of Rites to remove level requirements?



The Altar removes the item level requirements but does not change the item level.

A level 70 item will remain level 70, even though a hero level 1 can equip it.

Best of luck in your games !


Great, thank you.

I was worried I’d be grinding away to no avail. I’ll keep pushing on. :blush:

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If you are missing only a few items, keep in mind that Haedrig the blacksmith can craft some level 70 items for you.

Various sets, such as Sage’s Journey, Asheara’s Vestments and Aughild’s Autority, consists of level 70 legendary items.

If your hero is level 70, then you are looting several rare (yellow) level 70 items – you can transform those into level 70 legendary items by using the Hope of Cain recipe in the Cube.

Finally, remember that BOTH hands must wield a weapon… if your hero is wielding a 2-handed weapon, you may have to trade that for two one-handed weapons.

Best of luck in your hunt !


Ah the two handed comment is an important oversight on my part. Thanks for the advice guys.

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The artisans are your friends here…

  • At the Jeweller, any item whose name begins with Sovereign is a level 70 item.
  • At the Blacksmith, any item whose name begins with Sovereign is a level 70 item.

There are exceptions for the Necromancer…

  • At the Blacksmith, level 70 scythes start with Grandmaster
  • At the Blacksmith, level 70 phylacteries start with Embalming

Crafting and equipping these item types will count towards the tasks because, even though they will show as being equipable at level 1, they’re level 70 items.


@VeniVediVici needs legendary items for his trophy.

Sovereign items will be level 70 yellow items… you’d have to upgrade them to legendary items in the Cube.


So if I’m right in this I just need to gather materials by using the blacksmith and upgrade the sovereign gear at the cube and I should be good?

Yes… that is one way.

The other way is to wait until you’re level 70 and you will get plenty of rares while doing bounties or nephalem rifts. You may get some rares when completing Greater rifts… but only in small quantity.

The other way is just to plod along… with time (and the help of the 3 Haedrig’s gifts that you will get for completing the first 4 Chapters of the Journey), you will eventually get level 70 legendary items in all positions. :slight_smile:

Your choice !


Well guys thank you all for the advice. I’ve been level 70 for a while and grinding away but seemed to not be getting this despite having all legendary. Ironically following the advice of this I was grinding to use the cube and unlocked this inadvertently when picking up an item randomly on a rift. Soooo trophy has popped and all good :joy:

Appreciate the people piling in to help, can get quite confusing so much appreciated

Gratz & well done !!!


Not on console. You can only upgrade, socket and remove gems. Blacksmith does all crafting.