Please help advice on my gear

I am stuck playing at gr 100. Can anyone please check my gear on what to improve.


If you mean your seasonal Barb…

Then I have no idea how you’re currently doing GR100s with it, as you’ve broken the Wastes 6-piece bonus (by equipping the Raekor chest) and don’t have a Ring of Royal Grandeur (either equipped or Cubed). You don’t have Ambo’s Pride in the Cube (causes WW to auto-apply Rends). You’re missing two of the three rings for the build - you equip Convention of Elements and Band of Might (not having this one is a massive mitigation loss) and cube Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac (makes up-time on Wrath of the Berserker very easy to maintain at 100%). You don’t have Mantle of Channelling in cube’s armour slot. You don’t have Mortick’s Bracers equipped. You don’t have either the Bul-Kathos mighties (to make fury regen trivial) or Istvan’s Paired Blades (for more armour / damage). The first thing I’d suggest is reviewing these guides…

Getting the right gear / abilities set up, with the soul shards, you should easily be doing GR115-120s.

My regular barb Temox :slight_smile:

So, that’s…

In which case, the same guides I linked above are still relevant. Immediate things to change on your non-seasonal Barb are to swap the Horde gloves back to the Wastes gloves, as this means you don’t need to use a RoRG in the Cube, and you can go back to using the ORotZ again, thereby making maintaining 100% up-time on WOTB easier. Gearing changes…

  1. CoE - reroll the Armour to CHD
  2. BoM - reroll STR to CHD
  3. Amulet - you need a new one, either Hellfire or Squirt’s, but with 20% Physical / CHC / CHD / Socket (but STR / CHC / CHD / Socket is acceptable)
  4. Mortick’s - reroll the cold damage to Physical (as Rend / Bloodbath is Physical and where over 95% of your damage comes from)
  5. Legs - you need new ones, with STR / VIT / All Resist
  6. Boots - you need new ones, with STR / VIT / All Resist / Armour. (There’s almost zero benefit to the +15% Whirlwind on your current boots, as almost all of your damage is from Rend, not from WW)
  7. Belt - you need a new one, with STR / VIT / All Resist / Life% (or Life Per Fury Spent) with a high value on the Rend bonus (145% or better)
  8. Shoulders - reroll the 15% Life to 15% Rend
  9. Weapons - BK Warrior’s Blood - reroll the Attack Speed to 24% Area Damage or 10% CDR and the BK Solemn Vow - reroll the Life Per Hit to 24% Area Damage or 10% CDR. You need enough CDR to maintain 100% up-time on WOTB, then you want AD.
  10. Gems - Diamonds in Helm, Chest and Legs.
  11. Legendary Gems - Taeguk, Bane of the Stricken, Bane of the Trapped
  12. Follower - it seems from how they’re equipped, you’re using the Templar. Switch to the Enchantress as her level 10 ability gives you the choice between 10% CDR (easier up-time on WOTB) or 10% elemental damage (more physical for Rend / Bloodbath)
  13. Follower gear - you’re not making use of gear items which Emanate their power to the hero. If you take a quick look at my Barb look at his Enchantress. Nemesis Bracers = elites when pylons are clicked on. Flavor of Time = pylon buff durations are doubled. You can get her to wear 2 piece of the Cain’s and Sage’s set and combined with her having a RoRG equpped, she emanates the power of the 3-piece bonus of both sets, i.e. more DBs and GR keys.

Gameplay tip… the Rends that are applied automatically as a result of Ambo’s Pride do not benefit from Area Damage. However, manually applied Rends do. So, when you stand in an Oculus circle, on the Physical cycle of CoE, with mobs tightly grouped up by Ground Stomp / Wrenching Smash, manually apply Rends - they’ll do way more damage than automatically applied ones.

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Thank you for the advice.