Power up, DPS dramatically down?


unfortunately the armory is unavailable so I can’t link to the character. Running the icy veins unhallowed essence (not allowd to include links, so: https ://www.icy-veins.com/d3/unhallowed-essence-multishot-demon-hunter-bis-gear-gems-paragon-points) mostly, just other rings for now.

This morning I ran torment 12 bounties, tried a GR 60 and finished with over 12 mins to spare, using a normal Yangs Recurce.
Then an ancient one dropped, with much better stats. Equipped that, upgraded convention ring to anicent as well (with better stats) and seeing the ease with which I blew through GR 60 (been a while since I played), I tried GR 65. Undoable. Terrible. As in, minutes to get the first pack down (and few deaths ofc.)
Switched back to GR 60 and now can’t even run that.

Cut through GR 60 & Tormet 12, upgraded a normal yangs to ancient, with better stats and I’m unable to run any GR60, or torment 12 in anything. Really, really, really weird. My dmg went up from 845k to 1.3M, toughness down from 84M to 80M, yet can’t seem to kill anything anymore.

any thoughts?

How much discipline and MS% on those Yang’s?

According to D3planner, you’re using Natalya’s gloves… instead of UE… so you’re lacking the 6-piece bonus of UE (assuming you have a RoRG in the cube… it’s not showing… probably same bug that armoury profiles used to have)

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Aaah that would make sense yes - was playing around with different sets. Silly how you can miss those simple things :dizzy_face: Will swap again next time!

And thanks for the tip on the link - much appreciated!

And confirmed, just zipped through GR 65 and a T14 rift. Going to go see how far I can take it :smiley:

+10 max disc and MS 50% speed and 186% dmg.

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