Pre-Order Was An Idea

I went to pre-order Diablo 4 even though I waited 50 minutes in line. I started a character played for a while then logged back to the main menu and when I went to log back in I got an error code forever and could not play anymore. That was a bummer.

Even with all those horrible experiences those are not the reasons I am not pre-ordering.

I have the money to buy the game at even the max price. I also just wanted to support the game because I am a long time fan of the games. But…but when I saw the price for the base game I was appalled.
Yeah it is Diablo. And yes it is a “modern” game. But it still just a top down game. Nothing special these days.
I was expecting no more than $40 for the base game and maybe $60 for the max package. I’d say $40 is also too much for the base game. $30 would be more reasonable.

Now if they totally did something great like make it a full 3D game I might have bitten but its not. It is just another top-down game with a popular name.

It is a shame that I won’t play it right now. But the game is not worth that much money.

I’d say $30/$50/$60 for each tier. That’s it.
Principle will not make me except anything other than that.

They could have easily made more than enough money with the millions of interested players like myself buying it at the basic tier for $30. I always get the higher tiers later usually. So they would have made money later.
Anyway, that is my thoughts on the matter.


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