Primal drop rates

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I don’t want to be one of those people complaining over RNG, but…

My friends that recently got the game have 3-4 times more primals than me and about 50% of these primals are actually good, I have 1 primal that I can use. This is the main reason that I am currently not playing/grinding constantly. They get a shit ton of primals while I might get 1 a week, maybe, that is most likely completely useless. When I say friends, there are 6 of them that recently purchased the game. The one already has 4 primals in his build which is really good/usable. I have 1 with the wrong stats. in total their avrg primals that they have is 21 where the avrg usable is 3-4. I have 9 primals thus far, with 0 usable. with almost 3 times more hours put into grinding etc. and this is the 3rd season that this has happened. Not really sure what I am doing wrong or they are doing right, but it felt like they are rewarding newer players or something… Might just be me being paranoid though. Anyone else experiencing this issue?

Once you’ve unlocked access to primals, the Expected Value for the drop chances of each type of legendary are…

359 in 400 legendaries are legendaries
40 in 400 legendaries are ancient legendaries
1 in 400 legendaries are primal ancient legendaries

So, let’s assume you farm X legendaries, on average you’ll get X/400 primals. Thus, the way to maximise X/400 is to maximise X, in as little time spent possible.

Run T16 Nephalem Rifts in a speedbuild. You’ll get some legendaries, but the main reason for this is to obtain GR keys. Then run GRs at as high a level as you can manage where each run takes no more than 3-4 minutes. The maximum number of legendaries you can get from a GR guardian is 12, and that starts to happen around GR90. So, only go higher than GR90 if you can still do them in under 4 minutes because, whilst the number of legendaries will be maxed out, you’ll get more XP per run. Only stop to identify items / spend bloodshards every few GR runs, not in between each one.

So, why are you getting almost no primals and your friends are getting lots? Either they’ve been way more effective at maximising X for time spent, or you’re just being unlucky. Remember a 1 in 1400 chance means you can see wildly fluctuating short term results.

People also tend to overestimate the importance of primals. Ancient items, with good stats, are usually just as good, and for special items that are hard to find with good rolls (like offhands and some jewelry) non ancient items will do good too.

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