Primal drops on Switch

I know Primal drop rate is low but seriously??!?!?

I have done 100’s of grifts, rifts and bounties - did the lvl 70 Grift and got a primal rubbish useless belt so salvaged for the 55 essence.
Used the essence for the first potion in the alter.

I am over paragon 800 now and not another single primal.

How can I continue the alter if they never ever drop.!

Anyone else getting this? on Switch

Unfortunately there’s no secret trick. You just have to keep doing GRs in range of 90 to 100 as fast as possible.

Assuming the GRs you’re running are at least GR90s, that means the guardian drops 12 loot items (which is the maximum). 10 of these are guaranteed to be legendary, the other 2 can be blue, yellow or legendary.

So, let’s say you did 100 GRs. That’s 1200 loot items, so between 1000 and 1200 legendaries. Add in some extra legendaries from spending bloodshards at Kadala. Let’s say 1300 legendaries.

Okay, so…

Chance that a legendary will be a primal = 1/400
Chance that a legendary will not be a primal = 399/400
Chance that none of X legendaries will be primal = (399/400)^X
Chance that none of 1300 legendaries will be primal = (399/400)^1300 = 0.03861

So, roughly 1 in 25 people wouldn’t get any primals from 1300 legendaries.

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