PTR - Reapers wraps feedback

The newly imposed 2-second proccing cooldown feels unnatural and is counterintuitive to the overall gameplay experience.

While being used to health globe always providing at least some resource generation. It seems to me very strange to now have to wait before going to acquire the next health globe. This delays the rate at which the player can progress and feels like a real time waster. As well as being annoying that something always worked in a logical way, now has a superimposed delay that makes for annoying gameplay.

If devs feel that the health globe procs on reapers wraps is an issue there are better ways of handling this.

Please report this in the PTR Feedback forum…

According to natural time feeling in d3 it is wrong again, 1 second of a game time is about 1.5 -1.6 second in real life…u can count it by your self