PuG Discord Server

Need voice communication for PuG gaming sessions? Don’t want to create your own server?

Gamers’ Voice is a newly formed Discord server where you can invite PuG’s as well as your friends.

When joining make sure to read through the rules and follow them so everyone can have fun while chatting and playing. Contact server admin @stchi for your rank.


Invite link: https://discord.gg/UzaHwCb

According to How to join a Discord server you need to supply an invite URL to enable people to join your server.

I am not allowed to include links to forum posts. I don’t have enough “trust levels” with the moderators. That’s why there isnt a link.

  1. Copy the URL to the clipboard
  2. Paste the URL into your forum post
  3. Highlight the URL in your post
  4. Click the </> button in the editor
  5. This will turn your URL into pre-formatted text
  6. Whilst not clickable, the URL will be properly formatted so others can copy / paste it like this…


Thank you kind sir / ma’am.

The link have expired, Could you link a permanent discord link pleae?

Think hes NA becouse cant see profile so nvm then…

I’m EU, not NA. Meh guess I put the wrong link in there sorry for that, here is one that’s not supposed to expire https://discord.gg/UzaHwCb

Your armoury pages for the account you’re posting to the forums with doesn’t show any heroes, on any of the three regions… Europe, Americas or Asia

Lol is 2 weeks of not logging on already extended period of time? Pfft. There, I logged if that is so important. :stuck_out_tongue: If it is not fixed now, idk whats the problem. Nor do I really care to be honest. :slight_smile:

Nope, it’s not that.

I last logged into the US server region on 16th December 2019…

I last logged into the Asia server region on 17th December 2019…

As you see, that’s almost three months ago, and the pages are still showing details of my heroes in those regions. Are you sure you’re posting to the forums using the same account you’re playing the game with?

I am using the same account, however I did do a battletag change not long ago. It seems that for some reason it hasn’t updated here to Diablo 3 like it has updated on the battlenet itself and in WoW for example. My old BattleTag was Gehrman#21451.

Ah, that’ll be it then. Sometimes the armoury site takes a while to update and reflect a changed battletag. Threads I’ve seen about that in the Technical Support forums generally suggest doing a password change on the account, as that might force a refresh of the back-end account details.

Yes, I read about doing a password reset, but atm I don’t want to. I don’t really roam the forums that much and everything works out perfectly ingame. Maybe I’ll check it again later and do it if time doesn’t fix it.

Generally, without the password reset thing, it usually seems to resolve itself within a couple of weeks.