Question About Zoey's Secret Belt

Hi, I am using Embodiment of the Marauder build with cluster arrow
and in the cube I am using Zoey’s Secret belt for extra defense and the
belt states that you get 9% defense bonus for every companion that
you have so in an attempt to get more defense I have put the Nagelring
onto my follower which summons a Fallen Lunatic every 10 seconds
until you have 4 of them plus I have all my pets the wolf and the crow
and all that but my question is, do I get the defense bonus from the
Nagelring if my follower is wearing it and does the Fallen Lunatic count
as a companion? thanks in advance.


Zoey’s Secret

You take 8.5% less damage for every Companion you have active. (Demon Hunter Only) [8.0 - 9.0]%

The mitigation bonus is only granted by pets relating to the Demon Hunter ability Companion, i.e. Raven, Spider, Bat, Boar, Ferret and Wolf. As the Marauder set gives you all of the companions, that’s 6 companions, at 8-9% mitigation each, so 48-54% mitigation.

Also, up-to-date guides for Marauder such as…

…have Zoey’s Secret in the Cube, whilst the DH wears the Captain Crimson belt + pants / boots.

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Actually the Ferrets count as two companions so the bonus is actually 56% - 63%.
Throw on the Cloak of Garwulf and that raises your companion number to 9 so you have a potential damage reduction of 72% - 81%
I have personally gotten the DH damage reduction up to 99.4%, and thats before activating Vengence which brings it up to 99.7%. Your basically immortal and its great for support where your just firing off Entangle shot but you do like NO damage at all lol

Cool thanks, it’s probably good in Echoing Nightmare with friends, thanks again.