---Ramaladni's Gift, Kanai, Ethereal, and Primals Suggestion---

Four suggestions that would take this game from great, to truly awesome again:

  1. We all have 30-80+ of Ramaladni’s Gifts sitting in our stash because we find our 1 great weapon for our build, we make a socket, then…nothing. We don’t remotely use these enough for just making sockets on weapons. Allow these to make sockets on rings and the amulet. 9 out of 10 gastroenterologists agree

  2. Make the 4th cube slot permanent. So moist

  3. Make Ethereal weapons permanent. Even moistier

  4. Allow Primal Ancient items to be changed in TWO ways with enchanting, not just one. Primal ancients are so rare to get one that you need/like, it’s criminal to get one that has more than one thing wrong with it. Allow two changes, even if the 2nd one costs 10 times as much.

These would be awesome final changes to the game before it fades away to D4, and would bring lots of people back to playing it. Increase GR’s to 200.

Or don’t do these changes and don’t bring a ton of people back. Up to you