Rathma is my jam, and 2.7 has me scared that I won't enjoy it at all anymore

I’ve played off and on since day 1. More off till Necro was released because he’s by far my favorite playstyle. Lots of minions, netflix and chill approach.

Rathma has been my set.

This rework effectively destroys it.

My favorite way to play the game, above all, is to run through a rift/GR/bounty whatever and hold devour and pop skeletal mages (Circle of Nailuj’s Evol), and hit command skeleton or golem. I just run around and let my minions kill things. I can barely clear T10 playing this way, but I have never cared. I finished my Masquerade set and can clear T16 and I don’t even care, it’s not fun. I feel like a wizard.

I swear all the developers play a certain way and just want everyone else to play that way too. The best part about being a necro in Diablo 2 was that in later levels I could have 15++ each skeletal mages and warriors and literally not have to do a thing but pick up loot and gold.

Rathma pre 1.7 was that for me. It’s my go-to build. Now my ability to do anything is based on if I am up on my bone spirit casting. That’s not fun to me. I don’t want to do that. At all.

D3 Necro builds are all creepy wizards anymore. Where’s my chill set??? Where’s my set that makes me feel powerful without being the guy doing all the work? That’s what a necro is. Someone who is smart enough to know that if he gets enough of his own mindless baddies he can sit back and watch them burn the world for him.

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necro is WASTED !!!

necro is still OP compared to pretty much all the other classes except Crusader, so not sure what you are worried about.

in what world you live in mate ? there’s 2 builds for necro that are kinda but not fun to play … the Rats (LOD MAGE) for multiplayer and nobody (95% of the comunity) is playing multiplayer and then there’s the new set Masqarade and it plays as an elite hunter …
try playing HC Necro see how that feels
don’t make statements like this if you look from outside and you are not a necro player

Yeah i’m pretty much in the same boat. My build was different and really really old but the end result was mostly the same, press command skeleton and watch the mages go to town. Couldn’t deal with anything above torment 10 but i was fine with that.

Giving me the ability to do 400% more damage is pointless on a pet set/build. Not even revives perma pets make up for the MASSIVE loss of damage to the mages.

So sad now. :frowning: