Reservoir vs blood and bone

maybe a noob question, but im no good with theory craft or numbers
on LoD mages, using razveths volition and haunted visions, im wondering which to go for. i understand that with singularity then more essence is good but then i will only summons 4 mages with reservoir but with blood and bone i summons 6
so im wondering if the essence from reservoir will make up the damage from summoning the other 2 (from blood and bone)
any info, comments would be a appriciated (even if it just duh x rune lol)

Seems like the advice is reservoir…

Ideally, you will be casting Simulacrum in sync with your Land of the Dead resource spikes, since the Reservoir rune will greatly empower the following summons. To that end, make sure to summon your Skeletal Mage Life Support at or as close to full Essence as you can, since the spell depletes your entire current reserve (due to the free Singularity from the worn Razeth’s Volition), and scales its damage based off the consumption accordingly.

Your skeletal mage rune is a matter of preference. The Razeth’s Volitions shoulders give you the singularity rune whatever you pick and this is one of the most important things in this build. Some people prefer to use life support cause the mages last more, i personally prefer the cold rune (Skeleton Archer) and i pair it with the Lost Time phylactery for that juicy movement speed buff. In either case you get a free singularity rune which is the most damaging option here, albeit somewhat hard for execution if you are new to the world of Rat Necro. Another thing you might want to consider is the Circle of Nailuj’s Evol (Julian Love if you spell it backwards lol) and it makes it that with every cast you get two instead of one mages and they also last more. Pretty mandatory to be honest. Max number of mages you can have is 10, so you need to cast it 5 times. Be mindful of your essence, to take full advantage you need to cast mages when you are at full essence. To do that you want to keep you essence up pretty much all the time, via corpse consumption, health globes, passives, etc. Items that help you with that is the chest piece Requiem Cereplate and the bracers Reaper’s Wraps which can be crafted only. The plan for them drops from Malthael. I don’t wear the bracers and i can still keep up my essence maxed pretty much everytime but feel free to experiment and see what suits you better. Reservoir rune on Simulacrum is another mandatory rune. It basically doubles your essence, hence you deal more damage.

While most guides play around Land of the Dead, there is a way to play without it. You can use a generator instead. Bone spikes is a decent choice. Just in case you mess it up or you end up on a map without many enemies. The good thing about it is that you never have to worry about cooldowns, the downside is that you will be weaker compared to LotD builds. I don’t usually like having 2 min cooldowns and try to get every item with cooldown reduction, but that just me. It’s just a suggestion if you want to try it, at least up to GR100 with some decent items it is very easy to clear them within 2-3 minutes without land of the dead.

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