Restacking season buff

so how does it work?

i have 600 stacks … go to town, lose stack … go back to fight and i start from 600 … i dont get it.

If you don’t keep it up it’ll fall off… after not hitting or killing monsters for a few seconds (3 or 5 seconds… haven’t really counted). It can be a benefit to have the buff reset so that you can aim for special effects when blasting bigger groups of enemies or the rift guardian. You don’t have to go to town of course the easiest way to have it fall of is when going from one map to another or if you have a map with low density. Bear in mind, though, that your follower’s attacks will also keep up the buff - which can be annoying at times.

you didnt get my question at all man … read properly and think before you answer

Tough guy, huh? Maybe you should think before you write.

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if you play in group, that may be the reason

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even if, that still doesnt explain a single thing … but i am solo

well i shall explain why it would make sense in group, in group everybody gets the stack buff, so if you lose yours cause you tp to town and later return to a group member, if he still has stacks will also be suddenly your stack counts!

This was probably done to make up for the fact that in group with all the splitting up you are way less likely to hit 1000 cause if you go too far from each other your stacks will not count towards each other, so you can end up with the one having a stack of 333 and you with 456 intresting note if you meet up again it will jump to the highest stack holder!

how you kept your stacks solo, are you 100% sure they where gone completely? did you tp to town and away right again? cause stacks stay for a short time, so if you have a ssd it may very well be that your load times are so fast that you actually still had the stack
otherwise i don’t know how you got it back

If you’d just triggered the 500 killstreak angels before going to town, the angels remain in combat, and if you re-enter the rift shortly afterwards, they’ll have maintained you being in combat so you regain your stacks upon entering.

cmon man … use brain!
Its not for showing off … its hidden hard inside your skull, not visible, meaning its for using.

Again for kids …
I have 300 stacks … I lose them in any way … I LOSE THEM … do you get it? Or do you need me to say it again?
I LOST ALL THE STACKS … means ZERO … no stacks … no numbers … no extra buff … no nothing … understand?
Than I attack again, kill one creep and instead of getting 1st stack, I get 301 …

300 > 0 > 301 … there are angels, no pets … read what i wrote … stop making things up

In your original post, you said you had 600 stacks. That means you had spawned the angels, and it was therefore entirely possible that the angels had kept your pandemonium count going whilst you were in town, which you re-inherited upon entering the rift again. Until today, you never mentioned just having 300 stacks.

Anyway, it’s easy to try it. Use the “Not The Cow Level” as it’s nicely populated and completely open. Spawn the angels by getting to 500 stacks, then teleport back to town leaving the angels in combat with the cows. When back in town, you’ll lose the Pandemonium buff / stack counter. However, if you quickly go back into the cow level you’ll re-inherit the pandemonium counter you had before going to town, because the angels nominally kept you in combat.

Well, it’s been two and a half months since you made your original post. What has your brain been able to come up with? Come on, let’s hear your explanation…