Returning to D3

It’s been a loooong time I’ve been to this forum. After the D4 beta this weekend I reinstalled D3 just to give it a whirl. And I still really like it. But as a player with zero interest in seasons from the beginning I feel totally left behind and I remember this beeing a reason for me to stop playing.

I simply don’t get why additional stashes are still locked behind seasons. Just let me spend my gold on it, there is nothing I could possibly do with it. And please let me create more than 14* characters.

Just let me have the occasional flashy experience in plowing through tons of enemies. I simple can’t spend countless of hours every season.

*corrected from 10 to 14

That means you have only the base game, with no expansion. That cuts you off so much game contents.

You can have upto 17 character slots but you need to spend money.

  • Base game only gives you 10.
  • Reaper of Souls adds 2 (5 if you buy deluxe edition)
  • Necromancer pack adds 2.

How many more do you really need ?

You have 14 heroes atm:


Empowering Greater Rifts for more gem upgrades per GR says hi.


Yes, 14 of course. I corrected it.

I get that for players in the absolute endgame there is a way to spend gold. But having to grind seasons for stashes with me sitting on billions of gold feels terrible. I also get that this is obviously the intented way of playing the game. But what I don’t get is, why stashes or content are locked behind seasons after 28 seasons. I’m not competing with anyone why exclude me?

There are technical reasons for the limited number of stash tabs. The team tried to increase the number but it caused severe lag in multiplayer scenarios. This is due to how the game is coded.

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You don’t have to compete in anything. Even the extreme casuals can once a season reach Conqueror stage of the season journey and unlock a tab. It’s very easy to do.

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You don’t want to miss the current season. It’s arguably the best we’ve seen so far. But be prepared to do some tedious farming for some components if you are interested in unlocking the altar.

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