RNG Frustration

I have been Farming the Gibbering Gemstone and Falcon Wings for 3 weeks. Everyday I run the routes at least 30 Times. I know the Drop rate Number is Random. but this is ridiculous. At what point will I get my Items…? I`m getting so frustrated.
Heres an idea. Why dont you make the odds a Bit better for Cosmetics. COZ THIS SUCKS!

took me over 3 years to find the butterfly wings. 3 weeks is nothing

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30 runs a day, for 21 days, so 630 runs altogether?

The Falcon Wings are nowhere near that rare. If you’re running the right map, you need to check all the locations where a chest could be. They’ll usually be standard chests. However, if you find one that is a Mysterious Chest, that has a 100% drop chance for the Falcon Wings. There’s no difference in the spawn rate of the Mysterious Chest based on game difficulty, so you could run this at Normal in a speed-running build. I’d estimate it should take no more than 3 minutes to start game, go to the map, check all the locations, back to town, exit game and repeat. Most people get the Falcon Wings within a couple of hours of farming like this.

As for the Gibbering Gemstone, that can be a pain to get. First of all, the map has two possible “dungeons” in it, so roughly 50% of the time you have to abandon the map. Then, if it’s the right “dungeon”, you have to get to level 2 of it, as Chilltara can only be on the 2nd level. She’s not a guaranteed spawn, i.e. it’s entirely possible that she’s not there at all. Finally, if she does spawn, she’s not guaranteed to drop the gemstone when you kill her.

Having said that, the gemstone is an ingredient for the Staff of Herding, which allows you access to Whimsyshire. On that map, it’s possible to get the Horadric Hamburger (1-handed dagger, looks like a hamburger) and Spectrum (1-handed sword, has a blade made of a rainbow). There is an incredibly low chance of a rare-spawning mob which, when killed, has a 100% drop chance of the rainbow portrait frame. It is not possible to get the Cosmic Wings from Whimsyshire, those are only available from Whimsydale.

Access to Whimsydale is only possible by going through a portal left behind by a rainbow goblin. This means you have to run goblin-farming routes, i.e. routes through maps that have a higher chance of goblins spawning, you then have to hope that if you find a goblin, it’s a rainbow goblin. Then, once you’re inside Whimsydale, you have to hope for a rare-spawning mob, which drops the Cosmic Wings. People have been unsuccessful in getting these after hundreds / thousands of runs, due to the nature of multiple levels of RNG, i.e. can you find a goblin, is it the right goblin, is this instance one with the rare spawn in it?

So, Falcon Wings should be obtainable within a few hours, ingredients for the Staff of Herding should be obtainable within a few days / weeks, rainbow portrait could take days / weeks, cosmic wings could take days / weeks / months / years / never.

Rule of thumb… if you think obtaining the Gibbering Gemstone takes too long, abandon any hope of ever getting the rainbow portrait or the cosmic wings.

How about Wirt’s Original Leg? Acquiring that requires getting triple lucky with the RNG.