Save Export on PS4/PS5

I want to export save from Diablo 3 on the PS4 and import on my Xbox.
In the Menu there is only possible to import my saved data and no export option.
I used the official Guide from Blizzard (updated one year ago)


I’m sorry but that is not possible.

There used to be a service that allowed one to transfer the save files from a PS 3 to XBox One or XBox 360 to PS4… but that service is no longer available; for details, see:

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Hmm that is not so nice.
I thought the original blizzard guide is correct (but it doesn’t seems so.), and I bought D3 for a few € on my Xbox to play further on it.
But now I have to level all my chars again :pensive:, but I thing I won’t do that again.

Thanks for your answer.