Season 19 for the Monk and beyond

Forewarning: I’m pissed right now after testing the patterns set to see if it can outperform Sunwuko set. The reason for my current mood is because Blizzard gave monk and sader a new set… rank 1 sader on live currently has cleared 145. Rank 1 monk has cleared 137 with Sunwuko…not Patterns of Justice. I just…I …it just makes me sooooo mad every time i come back to this game. When are monks going to get some love? Like for real tho, because season 20 is almost certainly the season of the Barb so when can monks expect to be the top dog?

Is it ever going to happen?

Are we stuck using Sunwuko set for eternity? Is that really the plan Blizzard? It makes the game so stale it’s unbelievable. So once again i’m going to be farming for Sunwuko when I could have had a fresh experience farming for Patterns of Justice. Once again I have to farm for that stupid swk amulet when I could have had a fresh feeling farming for a squirt’s necklace or a flavor of time.

Please blizzard read this post and realize that monks are stuck in the background once again and I for one am not happy about it!