Season 21 - Trials of Tempests is NOW LIVE!

Season 21 - Trials of Tempests is NOW LIVE!

Season 21 will begin July 3, shortly after our next Diablo III patch. Read on to learn more about the brand-new Season buff, new class sets, and a handful of item and skill adjustments coming in Patch 2.6.9: Trials of Tempests!

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Season 21 - Trials of Tempests Begins July 3

We are expecting Patch 2.6.9 to be released on June 23.

Wonder what time that’ll be…


will zdps still be able to do 150 solo ? if so no reason to play.

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No, as per the patch notes, they changed the season theme. It indicates that the strength of the every 90 second effect will depend on how many mobs have been killed prior to the effect going off, i.e. if you’re a support, and killing nothing, the effect won’t kill anything. If you’ve killed lots of mobs, the effect should be able to kill stuff. This could lead to killing off trash mobs and then hoping that the effect kills off the elites. We’ll see when S21 goes live on 3rd July.

anyone know when the patch is released today ?

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Well, it’ll get patched in Pacific time zone, where it’s currently 10:00 am.
So, could be hours from now.

Well, speculation has it that it might get released around afternoon US Pacific time, which would be middle of the night for Central Europeans… but who knows.
Link to US forum post.

Well, my launcher says so I guess it patched whilst I was having dinner.

Any news? I´m VERY ready :rofl:

From the blog article…

Season 21 start times on July 3 are below.
North America - 5:00pm PDT
Europe - 5:00pm CEST
Asia - 5:00pm KST
All Consoles Worldwide - 5:00pm PDT

It’s currently 16:43 CEST.
So, less than 20 minutes to wait.

Thanx, sadly I´m on concole at the moment…

5:00 no started? Anyone have problems?

It has only started for EU on PC.

Ps4 ? Do you know when

In 3-4 hours for concole.

Trials of the tempest has to be the laziest most unimaginative idea to be pushed in a season. I’d rather see a previous season buff than this shit

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Seasonal theme should no longer work in Set Dungeons.



…and You are going to get this sh*t working… when?? Just waiting…

Update from the US Community Manager yesterday…