Season 23 Hardcore Competition with rewards! (2-4th of April)

Event 3: Diablo 3 - Solo GR competition

Game: Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls - Hardcore Mode
Event Duration: Friday 2nd of April, 5pm CEST to Sunday 4th of April 22.00 CEST
Reward: Gifted Steam Game of Your Choice (One Price per Class, max 5£ game prize)

Short Explanation of Event: Tired of competing against group GR farmers and high paragon levels? Then this is the competition for you! This is a semi SSF HC competition. The challenge is to complete the highest SOLO GR. The highest completed solo GRs per class before the set deadline will be the winner! In this competition you are not allowed to do any grouped Greater Rifts. Doing so will disqualify you from winning prices.

You are allowed to group doing the following activities:

  1. Regular Rifts
  2. Bounties
  3. Ubers
  4. Challenge Rifts
  5. Campaign

You are NOT allowed to group doing the following activities:

  1. Greater Rifts

How Can I Participate?:

  1. To compete, You need to be a part of Dallwe Community in D3. You can find it by pressing Shift+O ingame -> Find Communities -> Search for Dallwe.
  2. For you to receive prices you need to be a part of the Discord community & follow the stream!

Search for Dallwe on Twitch to find all the links you need and more!

Update! 29th of March

Several people have now joined the community through twitch, discord and the D3 online community. Big welcome to you!

However, we still do not have enough competitors to fight for each class price. This means that if you participate and you are the only one of your class. You win!

Come and get your price :wink:

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Daylight Savings start in Europe on Sunday.
So, by the time of your competition, Europe will be in CEST not CET.

Great feedback! I changed it :slight_smile:

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