Season 26 EU - Nintendo Switch

Any information on the start date and time for Season 26 EU on the Nintendo Switch?

Unlike PC, where the start times are different dependant upon which region you play in, the start time for consoles is the same world-wide, and it matches the start time for the US server region, i.e. Season 26 started on console at 17:00 PDT (Pacific Daylight Time) on the 15th. According to What Time Is It PDT it’s currently 02:00 PDT on the 16th, which means the season started nine hours ago.

Thanks for the reply. Must be a problem on my end.

have you managed to get yours working for EU? as mine seems to only be able to access the US season and unsure how to change it to EU

There is no EU / US / Asia season on consoles. As previously stated, season start / end times for consoles world-wide match the US server start / end times. There’s only one season for consoles, regardless of where you play it from.

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