Season 29 Visions of Enmity – Now Live

Season 29 Visions of Enmity – Now Live

Season 29 Visions of Enmity goes live on September 15 at 5 p.m. PDT/CET/KST. Enter Diabolical Fissures and slash through fearsome foes for helpful rewards.

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For season 30, rites of sanctuary, would it record players’ progress from season 28 or do we have to unlock all the 26 seals again? Dread having to get the staff of herding again.

I’m certain the Altar will have to be aquired again. There will also be changes made to it.

(Edited the post. Paragon ceiling is for all modes).

Europe is currently observing Daylight Savings, which means it is currently using CEST (Central European Summer Time) and will not revert to CET (Central European Time) until Sunday, 29th October. This means that Season 29 should start at 17:00 CEST (15:00 UTC), not 17:00 CET (16:00 UTC).

Please update the blog, announcement and, most importantly, make sure the engineers actually set the go-live date/time correctly for the EU servers, so that you’re not an hour out as you have been on a number of previous seasons.



I don’t know what’s wrong with them… they got it right when they did the Season 28 - Ending Soon Notice.

They could spell out the start times for each region (or, even… only for Europe), and then add another line for consoles.

Blizzard can be so stubborn !


Or they could just go with GMT and save all the confusion for everyone.

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Hadn’t played for a couple of months. Came back to finish off the Season Journey by doing three Conquests. Finished with just 653 paragon.

Time played…

  • Crusader - 23 hours 30 minutes
  • Barbarian - 1 hour 23 minutes

Total = 24 hours 53 minutes

The season’s been running for 83 days and 4 hours, i.e. 1996 hours.
That comes out to an average of around 18 minutes a day.

That’s how uninteresting the paragon cap season was to me.

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Still, it’s a new record for you. Instead of an all time high, it’s an all time low. :grin:

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It might not be.

I recall the season with all the weather effects gave me headaches so it was also up to Guardian and quit the season. That one might have been under 20 hours played, I think.

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