Sebor's Nightmare

Hey there,

Tested this a few times now and just seem to get the same result. The Haunts that come out of Sebor’s Nightmare just don’t seem to be the same as the haunts I cast.

  1. The damage from them seems insignificant.
  2. Does not seem to have the same rune that I am using. (different colour)
  3. Does not trigger the 2 set bonus from Jade Harvester
  4. Does not work with the 6 set Bonus of Jade Harvester.

Can anyone confirm if this is indeed as intended? what is the use of an item saying it does “haunt” if in fact it does a dumbed down useless version of haunt.

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Yes basically, this is a usless item. You might as well salvage cause even 1 forgotten soul is more valuable.

I mean it’s a brilliant item for leveling up new chars

but I would at least expect out of it some real haunts if it says it releases real haunts considering it can’t even be used in GR …it’s would be just a speed farming build… otherwise they should just rename the spell that it releases

Yeah I guess in theory it could fit in some kind of bounty build or something but i think there is already a better belt for jade wd, something that casts more haunts if my memory serves me right. And even the generic belts like vigilante or witching hour are way better. On a wiki i found that only 5 enemies show the effect of the haunt from the sebors nightmare, but I don’t know how updated that is. Usually no one bothers with these items, they are just there to dilute the pool of drops and maybe for a meme build or something for fun.

The belt is same as ring and also useless.