SO EZ with the necro

Hi boyz , so i started playing D lll, 3 days ago for the first time (i played Dll Long ago) , its seems so EZ (hard mode) i mean i almost one shot beliel , i one shot every other boss with the skeletons army ability (center drag rune) , my health bar is rarely missing some , is it the class or should i wait till lvl 60 so i can activate that hard mode people says its the real d3 experience , i am lvl 40 i guess , thanks

Over the years since Diablo III’s release, the levelling-up / campaign mode has become much, much easier than it used to be. The difficulty levels you have available to you are as follows…


Requirement Difficulties Available
Create a hero Normal, Hard, Expert
Complete Campaign Normal, Hard, Expert, Master
Level 60 Hero Normal, Hard, Expert, Master, Torment 1-6
Level 70 Hero Normal, Hard, Expert, Master, Torment 1-16

1-60 is extremely easy. Once you hit 60 you’ll notice a difficulty bump, and again around 65. Then, when you get to 70, you’ll initially find difficulties that can one-shot your hero, and you’ll probably play on Torment 1, as that’s the first difficulty that will allow level 70 set items to drop. Once you have your six-piece armour bonus in place, and perhaps some supporting legendaries, you’ll move up to Torment 6 or 10. Once your gear becomes more optimised you’ll move up to Torment 13 or 16. Also, at level 70, in Adventure Mode (access to this is unlocked by completing Campaign Mode), you’ll have access to Greater Rifts and this allows access to the very hardest content in the game.

So, yes, it’s very easy early on but you’ll definitely find challenge soon.

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thats refreshing to hear since i’m getting 60 soon enough ,thanks the info , have a great day

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