So what's the point of Patterns of Justice?

To be honest, I was kinda looking forward to trying a new season of Diablo 3, using a monk set that revolved around sweeping wind for it’s main damage source. Unfortunately, for some unknown reason, more gear was added to support Tempest Rush over Sweeping Wind and the set was tweaked to also give bonuses to Tempest Rush, on top of requiring its use for defensive bonuses. This resulted in Sweeping Wind once again being relegated to a support skill that you’d only keep up for its bonuses.

This also makes Patterns of Justice functionally similar to the Monkey King set in this current season. Both require you to keep sweeping wind up for bonuses, but both now use Tempest Rush for their primary damage source for pushing. What’s the point of having two different sets in a situation where you end up with builds that are practically identical between them (even the overall skill setup is almost exactly the same), with both using sweeping wind only as a support skill? You might as well not have given a monk a new set at all at that rate.

At the end of the day, I think Patterns of Justice should have focused more around Sweeping Wind, and not Tempest Rush. Sweeping wind should have become a competitive damage skill, and tempest rush should not have been required for the 50% defensive bonus (it should have been a bonus for each stack of sweeping wind imo). We already have a set people can use to play a Tempest Rush build, no need for two sets to compete for the exact same role with only slight differences, especially when one of them is slightly better at it.

At the end of the day, I think sets should be giving us more build variety, not funneling us down into such a narrow build choice where we end up using the same or similar play styles. It’s just a pity that some of the play styles people enjoy are not viable simply because they’re not supported well by gear.