Sorta New, Sorta Lost, PS4

I played Diablo 3 back when it first came out on PC. Then started on PS4, but quit soon after.

A month or so ago I started up again when D2 launched, but, after server issues, and my son’s insistence, started playing D3 again on PS4. This time it was couch coop with him. Was good fun, and still is.

Now he and I are in 80-90 GR, pushing 1k paragon points each, and we wanted to go higher. Reading around it looks like groups are the way to go.

Fast forward to a few minutes ago. Holy crap. I had no idea we’d be put into groups with people 3k and up on paragon points. They move fast, really fast. We aren’t pokey, but we definitely aren’t keeping up with these folks. Both groups we got into dropped us, at least I think they did. We both disconnected after each guardian was dead.

So, my question. Are there groups for noobies like us? Do we just keep using the auto group find tool in hopes we find others like us?

From what I am reading on seasons, it’s even worse there, as everyone, or most everyone, is pushing the bleeding edge of how fast they get ahead.

He and I watched a few youtube vids of people playing in groups, after which he is looking at me wondering why I can’t do that too. Hah! Yeah, the mind of a 7 year old.

If you’ve read this far, thanks. Any tips are appreciated.

Best Regards,


Hey if you guys are still looking for help or players to show you the ropes I’m happy to help. Psn Uchihaitachi006