Stricken VS other gems

I kill mobs with high density so that I don’t get boxed in. My question is about stricken, vs trash it takes an ungodly amount of hits to reach the damage of the gem with the lowest damage (between the ones in the picture), secondly, vs bosses it takes 2 hits to catch up to the gem with the lowest damage but at two hits from the lowest dealing damage gem you again do more damage with said gem.

Also consider:

  1. I can easily gain and maintain Taeguk stacks
  2. If I can kill enemies before they reach 30 yards or lower I can do about 60% damage per hit, at best I can do about 80% damage with Zei’s stone + passive
  3. If we pit Stricken vs Trapped you would need to hit an enemy twice to get up to and beyond the damage of 1 hit of trapped, but to be fair and give both gems 2 hits, trapped outperforms stricken. This goes for stricken and taeguk as well, only their damage potential is greater then trapped.

Considering this information, wouldn’t it be best to pick the other 3 gems or am I missing something?

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From someone who genuinely wants to improve and I know stricken + Trapped is generally the two standard gems and I would swear by it, that is until I tried some quick math on gems which was at the exact same rank for fairness sake

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I have since tested my theory.
With Taeguk rank 89, Trapped 90 and Stricken 95 I cleared gr 84.
With Taeguk and Trapped the same rank, trading out my Stricken 95 Rank for a 75 rank Zei, I cleared gr94

I have yet to test switching either Taeguk or Trapped to get the stricken back, though both Taeguk and Zei’s can outperform a Trapped, given their rank is the same and with the success with Zei over Stricken, and the fact that controlling Taeguk stacks is easier then controlling enemy distance, my last test will be Trapped vs Stricken.

Please report any feedback if you have additional information or real math rather then simple playtesting that I am doing.

Stricken works best at much higher GR levels, where you are hitting the same mob more than Once. In most cases, alternative gems such as zeis, powerful or taeguk are better options.

Stricken can work very well with cold/AD/high IAS characters where the internal mechanics allow it to attack more often per action.

I personally dislike the mechanics of stricken as it typically adds zero value until you get to the RG…