Stuck at GR 100 ..Need some help!

Hi there,
I’ve been playing barbarian (for the first time ever) for about 5 days and I could say that I got pretty much got some of the best gear,but I just can’t progress any further.I know that I’m low paragons,but I would appreciate any advice on what I need to focus at this point,eg: gear,gems,cubes,etc, Thanks!

If you mean this Barbarian…
…you could say that, but you’d be wrong.

Reroll Whirlwind damage into 6% CHC

Squirt’s is a terrible choice for this build as you’re getting hit all the time. A Hellfire Amulet can be used (as it gets you a 5th passive) but ideally you want a well rolled Flavor of Time, as this doubles the length of time pylon effects last. Having conduit / power pylons last for 60 seconds rather than 30 is a huge bonus, even you don’t get ideal affixes on the FoT. It also means you can drop the Molten Wildebeest gem for an offensive option.

You need a new one. STR / VIT / 15% Rend

Reroll VIT to 50% CHD

Reroll the 5% CHC to 6% or the 16% Physical to 20%.
Ideally you want new bracers with 6% CHC and 20% Physical.

Keep crafting. You want one with STR / VIT / All Resist / Life%

Reroll the Movespeed to Armour

Band of Might
Reroll Life% to 50% CHD

If you’re going to stay with Ambo’s Pride + Offhand / Furnace cubed, you need better versions. Ambo’s always rolls with a bleed affix, and it’s that one that you need to roll off for something else useful, e.g. CDR (for more up-time of Wrath of the Berserker) which gives damage due to Capt Crimson or 10% weapon damage. Ideally you’d want STR / 10% Weapon Damage / 10% CDR. As for an off-hand, for speedfarming, Echoing Fury. For harder content, Doombringer (as it comes with a native 20% physical damage). Alternatively, you can cube Ambo’s Pride, and have the Bul-Kathos mighty weapons equipped, for speedarming / lower GR content. For pushing, Istvan’s Paired Blades (Rogue / Slanderer).

Legendary gems = Taeguk, Bane of the Trapped, Bane of the Stricken.

You’re missing a ring slot. I presume you had a Band of Might in there. In which case, you’re better off with Ground Stomp / Wrenching Smash to proc it than Furious Charge because the stomp gathers mobs together, meaning you’re hitting more mobs with WW / Rend.

For a much more thorough discussion of how WW/Rend works, I’d recommend Free’s guide on the US Barbarian Forums…


I would go with slanderer and rogue or bul kathos swords if i were to go above 100. As the fellow barbarian suggested.
Also the only ancient that you have are your pants. Augments (strength) and a few hundres of your main stat in paragons also help a lot.
Probably a bug , but i guess your cubed ring is ring of royal grandeur. There is also way to play this without the crimson. Just use the 6 pieces and go with obisidian, band of might and covention of elements. Wear the lamentation and cube the mantle of channeling. That’s what i use at least.