Suggestion for skill Sentry - Guardian Turret

Hello Blizz,

Every season or so i enjoy climbing the Hardcore Seasonal leaderboard playing the Sentry Build with Natalya and Marauder Sets (typicaly called N6M4). One of the Runes for Sentry, Guardian Turret is described as follows:

Creates a shield around the Turret that reduces damage taken by allies by 25%.

The problem is that this ‘blue bubble’ is perfect for the ‘caster’ to see the buff field more easily… but can only be seen by the DH that casted it; any other allies will see a barely visible white sentry totem lost in a sea of monsters and other skills and particle effects. Makes it very difficult for the allies to position themselve inside the appropriate ~40yds radius circle if playing in a group setting.

Could we possibly have a minimum of shiny visual effect that the Allies would clearly see around of the 5 available Sentries always ‘following’ me around? Systems like this already exists inside the game… I’m thinking Oculus Ring or s18 Triune type of circle with a pre-defined color or anything else similar to make it stand out more. Also makes it much easier for the caster to manage his Hatred pool and the position of said turrets.

I would like to know your input on this, thanks.

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