Suggestion of getting items in D3 and maybe gold matters more

Hi all.

I play Diablo III long time and i see that getting good items is really hard and so random.
I have paragon level ~3000 in current season 24 and have not any primodal from my primary set. Even i have 3 item only legendary not ancient, as ancient finded was with bad properties.

I saw many people with paragon level 900 and 3 primodal from primary set and better other items then my :joy:.

My proposition:
Add new building/person option where we can specity which item we need and with which properties.
And game show us that we need e.g. collect 30kk gold and collect e.g. 500 paragons to earn it.
The price can be decided by kind of item and its properties.
Now gold in game is usless. I know maybe on start of the game when we upgrade gems, but then it is usless.

My proposition also add more life to the game where we have objective to earn something good and play more :grinning:.

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