[SUGGESTION] Primal Ancient reforge and GR

Hi guys o/
I know there’s alot of people that complains about Primal drop rate and things like that, and I know you are not suposed to gel ALL perfect items in one season, but I think the chance of getting something that you can use is absurdly low. Sometimes you get the specifc Primal that you want, but it comes with stats all wrong. Armor pieces most of the times comes with good stats, I’m satisfied with some armor pieces stats, but rings, amulets, phylactery, gloves, for exemple, needs very specifc stats.
Exemple: you want a Primal Leger’s Disdain Phylactery, you NEED with Area Damage, Crit Chance, Grim Scythe damage, plus the 80% Grim Scythe secondary stat. but it seams pretty impossible to get one with those stats, or something close to that, most of the times comes with int vit, cooldown reduction, some other skill. You would need a life time to get that, or maybe it only drops once for one of the players within all servers. People get very frustaded with that and abandon the game.
I never saw a Haunted Visions Amulet with poison damagem, crit damage, crit chance and socket or something close to that. I KNOW that I’ll never get it perfect like that, but at least something that I can change the atribute to make it perfect. And notice that I’m only talking about the primary atributes.

I allready got 3 Primal Leger’s Disdain, and none of those I could use in my build. The chance of re-rollin that Primal and get another Primal that you can use is like 0,0000000000000000001% and I’m been optimistic.

So here’s my suggestion: New Kanai’s Cube page - Reforge Primal Ancient
You throw a Primal and reforge it with 100% chance to get a Primal with different stats. OFC with higher costs to reforge that, idk, with double or triple mats required compared to reforge an Ancient. Maybe something like 50 bounties mats, 50 Forgoten Souls, 100 million gold, it sounds reasonable, right?
That would also make more people run more bounties.

You may think that would make the game too easy, that EVERY BODY would have ALL the perfect items, that they wouldn’t play the next season, cuz they allready have the perfect items in the non-season chacters from the previous season. But the seasons are not only about the perfect items, there’re the Season Themes, new items specifc from seasons, there’re new builds every season, new cosmetics, there’s ALOT of stuff specifc from each season that you can get and people really want those things and we love all the work you’ve been doing in the game!!!

So there it is, my suggestion is to make a new Kanai’s Cube page that allows you to reforge a Primal with 100% change to get another Primal, with different stats and higher cost. Either that or the possibility to re-roll 2 stats from Primal items hahahahah. Maybe 3 stats considering that I items saw lately.

Another thing, is there any chance of increasing the QUALITY of the loot on higher GRs? That’s it, just that question hahahah

Thank you so much for the attention, your time, and the awesome work with the game!


Hey Pen! Loved your suggestion, also agree with it!


Up. Agree with you!!


Increasing the quality of loot in higher GRs? Absolutely not. There are already enough rewards for playing in higher GRs. Increasing the overall quality of loot is not a bad idea though.


Muito boa a sua análise Penperoni.

Concordo com tudo apresentado por você e sofro com os mesmos problemas.

Essas mudanças seriam muito bem vindas.


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Your Penperoni analysis is very good.
I agree with everything presented by you and I suffer from the same problems.
These changes would be most welcome.

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The only downside to this is that it gives botters an even bigger advantage than they do now. Whilst us legitimate players are tucked up asleep in bed, they’re running bots overnight for bounty caches. If you figure 15 minutes per split bounty run, for 8 hours, that’s 32 split runs, at 22 mats per run = 704 of each bounty mat. So, they’d get 14 primal reforges every morning.

It would certainly shorten the hunt for perfect primals and that’s precisely why Blizzard won’t do it, because the game is about the hunt for gear, not actually being able to complete your gear. It’s about the journey, not a destination.

Higher ranked GRs already give more legendaries from the Guardian than low ones do (it maxes out at 12 legendaries from around GR90 and higher) and, as ancients are 1/10 legendaries and primals are 1/400 legendaries, this means you’re already getting more chances at good gear.

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hmmmmmmm I see your point.
loved the way you explained!
Thank you so much!

Very good suggestion! We all know that feeling when we loot a “bad” primal.

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I was thinking the exact same thing as the OP but i have a refinement to propose:

Add 2 more resource drops and 2 more recipies:

1st resource drops in a scaling manner from GR80 onwards.
The associated recipie reforges ancient items into the same ancient item.

2nd resource drops in a scaling manner from GR110 onwards.
The assicuated recipie reforges primal into the same primal.

The recipies can/will have other resource requirements as well, but you get the point. The GR numbers could be tuned, to the point that it wouldn’t be feasible to bot farm them, especially for the resource for the primals.

Let’s just get this out of the way, because the main game is a grind for paragon regardless, and at the end of your paragon 3000 you need to re-roll main stat to something else on your primals because it’s useless, so there…

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Let’s use your seasonal hero as an example…

With your current gear…

  • DPS: 682,822,786,134
  • Damage: 238,987,975,147
  • Pierce Chance: 100%
  • Damage Increase per Pierce: 167,291,582,603

If we turned every single piece of your gear into primals…

  • DPS: 1,010,303,829,585
  • Damage: 353,606,340,355
  • Pierce Chance: 100%
  • Damage Increase per Pierce: 247,524,438,248

So, turning every single one of your gear pieces primal would give you a DPS increase of 1,010,303,829,585 / 682,822,786,134 = 1.4796, i.e. around 48%.

Mob health increases by 17% per GR rank, and it’s cumulative, so…
(1.17)^1 = 1.17
(1.17)^2 = 1.3689
(1.17)^3 = 1.601613

So, turning your entire gear primal would get you 2-3 GRs.
You’re overestimating how important they are for anything other than weapons.

I agree, but I don’t make these recomendations to gain GR progress, you can see that my paragon on and off season is very low.

This request is more for the completionist within me, so that I can “Finish” with gear, dump/break alternatives for my slots, that I keep stored, and clean up the builds.

At the current primal/ancient drop rate, this task is impossible.

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Also, if you wish to experiment with gear/stats, its incredibly unwise to do so with a good rolled primal, because your chances of finding another one are near nil.

Such recipies would help beginner/intermediade players like me to explore more the itemization and the various builds. I don’t have the oceans of time streamers have to aquire the primals and as you say, the power difference is very small!

Loved the idea! I think that would work too!

right?? that is exactly how I feel! I want those primal to complete my collection!

I don’t want to be the top 1 Necro, I just want my collection complete and clear my storage! hahahah

I have a full storage, correction, I have 3 storage tabs empety, the rest is full of ancients waiting for reforge, but I don’t the time to get the materials. Oh and I had to create a lot of extra characters to keep more legendaries/anciants. I’ll just start to clear everything, cuz I saw that everything is useless.

me and my friends had a lot of materials collected since day 1 of the season, we spent all of it in 10 minutes reforging yellows, legendaries and we got NOTHING that we could use! It was like 600 legendaries and ZERO utilization, and I’m not talking about good primals, we didn’t get primals at all! IN TEN MINUTES. (I know, I know… ofc you wouldn’t get a good primal in ten minutes, my point is the quantaty of materials we spent, legendaries we got. Ppl come with those drop rate numbers and as we could see it’s not real.). And all that not counting the legendaries we got running GRs and other things.

So that’s it. the change of geeting a primal is REALLY low, the change of getting a primal that you need is even lower, like GnoSis said, the chance of getting a primal that you need WITH THE RIGHT STATS is near nul!

I love the game, there’s alot of fun, but I’m starting to give up. Just waiting for PTR to get a better chance of getting what I want, just to have the taste of looking at that beaultifull red philactery with good stats! And loose it in the end.

How about this?
In the last week of the season increase the primal drop rate (really increase, not that 0.001% increase) and throw that Djank Mi’em npc hahahahahah

Maybe salvaging a primal item could result in a new material that would be used to reforge primal items.


Same thing, the discussion should revole around the ratios.

If it was from salvage, I’d expect 1-1 or 1-2.
If it was from high rigting i’d expect 5-15 rifts for 1 craft.

This would lead to game diversity to plummet. Everyone would focus on the right primals for every slot- a proxy for the end game with nowhere else to go. I can see it going from re-forging ancients to primals then those primals to the optimum primal , surprisingly quickly.

i think a better idea would to make primals less rare than they are presently, and to just eradicate primals for legendary items with no affix (like the devil tongue), so that pimals would be set pieces or legendaries with legendary affixes.

4 out of 5 primals that drop for me are irrelevant and go straight to the salvage. As rare as primals are, set pieces seem even rarer

What game diversity? All builds depend on damage modifiers of hundreds thousands of percent to work for damage and survivability, and paragon levels 2000+

I am not a fan of the idea at all even if it is really expensive. But if you do this then I am totally in:

In this way you have a way of allowing players to improve the primal they got and remove the stats they don’t need and you give a purpose to the useless primals. That is what we also need, a way of making that beautiful red beam mean something even if it is a Blackthorne’s amulet.

Character diversity then. If players followed the aim of the perfect primal for every slot then all would be utopia. Life isn’t like that.