Suggestions needed!

Hi there i am solo player. My best is 111 gr solo. Currently i am focusing on getting better rings right now but i dont know (it’s kinda hard)… Where should i focus?

Looking at…

…with the exception that you’ve gone with the cold variant rather than the very slightly stronger fire variant, your gear appears to have pretty solid affixes on. About the only thing I saw in the guide that’s different in your gear is that you’ve taken RCR on your crossbow rather than AD.

At this point in your gearing, you’ll be looking for almost perfect ancients, or primals, and farming paragon points for more main stat (which gives damage and armour). So, if your limit is GR111 right now, I’d suggest dropping way back from that and running whatever GR level you can complete within 3-4 minutes per run, e.g. GR90s maybe? This will maximise the amount of legendaries and XP per hour. It will also allow you to speedily level up some extra gems to rank 80, which you can then level up further with slower, higher level runs, ready to augment your gear with higher Caldesann’s Despair.

Also, grats on the GR111. That’s pretty decent for around 1600 paragon.

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Thank you Sir Meteorblade