Sunwuko set bugged with Tempest Rush?

Hiya there everyone so I have a problem (I think) so I came here to ask people about their knowledge about using the Sunwuko set together with the Tempest Rush ability so I wonder what happened to all the damage?

Using the the Sunwuko build with just Vengeful Wind (the old Vengeful Wind) at paragon level 800 at T16 gives me about 50 Billion up to 100 Billion in damage numbers against enemies (Grotesques) and by adding Pinto’s Pride to that makes me deal about 200 Billion in damage and by adding my Kyoshiro’s Blade on top of that my damage goes up to around 2000+ Billion.
They have augments on them (Caldesann’s Despair): Kyoshiro’s Blade Rank 85 (+425 Dex), Pinto’s Pride Rank 91 (+455 Dex) and Vengeful Wind Rank 82 (+410 Dex) and the Legendary Gems that I’m using are: Bane of Stricken Rank 105, Bane of the Trapped Rank 105 and Zei’s Stone of Vengeance Rank 105.

So now you know the setup for that, now let’s go through my setup for Tempest Rush:

Of course I’m using the the Sunwuko set for this the two weapons that I’m using are Won Khim Lau no augments and the new Vengeful Wind again no augments on that weapon either and then I decided to run Strongarm Braces because I’m running the fire rune on Tempest Rush and then I’m using the daibo Balance in the cube and Mantle of Channeling no augments on my character and here comes the problem the damage only lands around 50 Billion at max.

Tempest Rush setup yields 13,679 Dex
Wave of Light setup yields 15,857 Dex

This has me very and extremely confused because I should have more multipliers and higher damage % numbers and yet it doesn’t deliver, why is this? Is this a bug or have I missed something clearly obvious and I’m just stupid?

Any help is welcomed and I thank you!

the set needs to run with captain Crimsons belt and boots for CDR +RCR - as that set affixes gives extra damage and defence , and vengeful wind new patch for 10 extra stacks

That doesn’t answer my question at all nor was that my question.