Sup in Barbarian Leaderboards?

Sup in Barbarian Leaderboards?

Today (18.09.2020) I noticed two barbs with strange builds in the Solo leaderboards.

Kappa is ranked second and played a 150 in 09:28 at the 07.09.2020.

Quento is ranked fourth and played a 150 in 14:35 at the 14.07.2020.

Both of the grifts were done with a sup build, at least that’s shown at details.

Either the two changed their build after finishing the grift, before the game saved his build or he cheated his way up there or there is another way I can’t think of at the moment.

Quento might has done his/her grift before the Hotfix rolled out, so it was possible for him/her to enter with a friend or with stacks from outside.

Are you aware of this? Or do I tell you something new?


Yes, for 10 days now…

They’re using support / zDPS builds and are relying on fishing for maps where they can gather lots of mobs, hope for the first weather effect to be the snowball to kill some of them to get stacks, then hope each successive weather effect kills a similar number, and get luck with the effect on the Guardian.

The first US thread I linked has a video of a GR150 clearance using this method. Whilst it looks and feels like an exploit to most of us Blizzard’s stance on the season theme has been that it is “working as intended” so there will be no punishment for people doing this, it seems.

Okay, thanks.
I was looking and searching for a thread, but apparently not deep and efficient enough.
Thanks for the fast answer.
Can i close the thread, so I don’t bother further more / others?