Switch-Player Looking For Guilds or Friends!

Hello! I’m looking for fellow Switch-Player to partner up with. It does get a bit lonely running alone. So if anyone is interrested in joing, feel free to give a heads up! :slight_smile:


I’d like to join you

Still want to join up on the new Season? There’s always the bounties and GR’s to do. If youre not that far in i can boost you aswell. Give a heads up. I will check the forum more frequent from now on

Still looking for people to play with on switch - SW: 3293 8843 7897

I’ve got a normal 70 monk and 70 necro season 19


If anyone is still looking for some co-op :slight_smile:

Added you sysovrld and if anyone want to play with me here’s my switch number sw-7071-2752-9622

I’m interested in joining the game what is your friend code

I’m also interested if anyone wants to play

I have a discord for this type of stuff. you are all welcome to join

Add me too. New to Diablo 3 on Switch, but used to play years ago on PlayStation.