Tal Rasha's set bonus issue

I have tried using 4 different elements of attack damage type skills with Tal Rasha’s set bonus, I can very very rarely get all 4 stacks fully procced, but most of the time its just 3 that are proccing, and this 3 proc buff sometimes happens for the whole rift, once ‘the rarely’ seen 4th stack is there I can just refresh every few seconds by dropping a meteor, but if you don’t reach that 4th stack the whole buff just times out from 3 to 0 constantly, while this is happening, I am either losing out on a huge damage multiplier and/or the elemental resistance buffs provided by the set

I have tried many different elements on different skills, activating them in different orders, always keeping a selection of 4 damage types, i can’t seem to find the issue, i just have to pray that during a push i get that 4th proc at some point so i can hold onto it for the rest of the rift

EDIT: I’ve been doing some testing, trying to individually let each skill cast its meteor from the set boinus to witness the proc, i can confirm (magic weapon) is not triggering tals set bonus, even if you choose ignite rune, it will still not proc the set bonus, this is clearly a bug that needs closer inspection, hope you can aid me with this matter, many thanks, dave :slight_smile:

Hello Mr earl grey and a slice of lemon guy, i’ve seen you giving faulty information in general chat on D3 before
firstly thank you for your response but I am well aware of maxroll website, so dropping links is kind of insulting, this still doesn’t explain why the damage caused by magic weapon is not proccing the set bonus, and for us players who craft our own builds, this can be very restrictive, my current build pulled me easily 10 tiers higher than the maxroll version, but i’m further being held back because of this skill issue, i implore you to do further testing before labelling me a culprit in your “what is not a bug book” so highlighting my ‘this is clearly a bug’ sentence was rather rude

edit: being forced to use calamity on teleport is a terrible choice, being able to sustain safe passage buff, and keep up the 25% damage reduction at all times is far more beneficial in my eyes, especially in higher GR

“The reason that the fire damage does not give you a stack of Elemental Exposure”
we are not even talking about elemental exposure, that is a completely different mechanic altogether, elemental exposure can be triggered from weapons base damage type, tal’s bonus cannot, someone from the blizzard team needs to clarify why sometimes magic weapon ‘will’ trigger tal’s set bonus, and sometimes it will not, none of us need noobs like you handing out mis-information, and quite frankly have no idea what your talking about…

there’s a reason why you have over 2000 posts on blizzard forums, and that’s because you literally go around shooting your mouth off and deliberately looking for trouble

I attempted to tell you why your version of the build isn’t generating fire meteors, i.e. it’s because procs cannot proc procs. Apparently you’d rather argue with me than test the version of the build I suggested / linked.

Okay, not a problem. I’ve removed the posts. If you think it’s an actual bug, you’ll be wanting this forum…

…but you’ll be expected to provide evidence that it’s actually a bug.