Tempest Rush stack loss with high Movement Speed

I tested it a few times now and TR seems to lose it’s stacks every few seconds when you have to much movementspeed (50% seems to be the breaking point). The character just randomly starts to hit in the air, TR goes on “cooldown” randomly and sometimes the stacks are released even while channeling. Turning around in a sharp angle also removes your stacks.
GRifting with friends isn’t fun because you deal no damage in higher grifts once a Speed Pylon is taken or the speedboost of destroying objects puts you above the treshhold.
This is very annoying and makes Elite farming in Grifts a pain in the a** if they are a bit further apart.
Pls fix this bug in the near future so we don’t have to worry about losing our stacks when we gotta go fast.

I’ve noticed this effect. it’s like using shenlongs where spirit used to deplete quickly, but this time it’s more random. I’m sometimes running through empty spaces between mobs and the stacks are full. Hit a mob, then the stacks sometimes deplete, along with spirit in about 2 seconds, even with epiphany (which is supposed to generate spirit)


After getting fairly used to the SWK build, it helps to spam sweeping wind before it expired during empty spaces, until you get to the next mobs. also, do not take conduit pylons unless there are a lot of dense mobs and elites. It kills stuff instantly, even on 120+, causing you to lose spirit and sweeping wind, followed by one-shot death

I don’t mean sweeping wind, I mean Tempest Rush.
Sweeping Wind works as intended but TR’s stacking mechanic is completely bugged atm.
Ofc it also wasn’t fixed with this update even though there are a few people with this problem.

I’m noticing this too and it’s irregular. tempest rush suddenly disappears without letting go of anything on keypad or mouse- usually as it just approaches the cold cycle on the CofE