The lag demon hunter problem

I have the lag only when playing on the demon hunter

No response to orders for a few seconds, neither online nor private

I have always checked the Internet, and it goes perfectly

How can I fix that?

Do you play other classes than demon hunter? And do you play them at about the same difficulty (high GR level)? And it’s only with demon hunter there is lag? Sometimes when there is very high monster density and you have a good deal of area damage there can be lag.

We started the season now with demn hunter. At level 30 he didn’t want to go anymore. We have had the same problem with the public. I started now with a doctor’s wich and it’s ok,

Does your Demon Hunter have these equipped / in the cube…

Stone Gauntlets

Getting hit increases your armor by 50%, but reduces your movement speed by 15% and attack speed by 20%. This effect stacks up to 5 times.

At 5 stacks, you have a 75% penalty to movement speed, and 100% penalty to attack speed.

This gets reported, a lot, in the Bug Report forum, despite it being due to people not reading the item’s description, i.e. it’s not a bug. This is my usual response…


Omg, that was it. I didn’t know about it.

Thanks very much

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Maybe they should be removed from game like someone (Nefertiri) said…