The Three Hundredth Spear: primordial ashes

I recently rejuvinated the Barb and much of the gear is intact. When trying the Raekors I received The Three Hundredth Spear* Numerous reforging left meagre ancients so tried the instant primal recipe - except that it displayed “This item cannot be reforged”

Is there some issue with number of hours played for a character before this recipe can be used?

I wonder

Do you mean the new cube recipe (recipe 11)? It should work if you have the materials. If you wear an item you cannot use the recipe though. You have to unequip it, put it in your inventory, and then you can reforge it. Then equip it again.

I also don’t know if it has to do with a specific item. For example, the crafted sets (like Crimson, Aughild’s or Hellfire amulets) cannot be reforged with the second recipe. You just keep crafting them if you want to find a primal. Maybe the issue is that you are trying to reforge a crafted piece.

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Did it drop on a level 70 hero? And is it a level 70 weapon?

Thanks for the advice, Yukos! Yes, the recipe 11. Over 4,000 ashes so no shortage,. as you say, it was on the character during attempted reforges at the time.



Something to highlight here. Do not reforge the same item over and over again like you do with the second recipe. If it doesn’t roll as you desire, just salvage it and reforge a new one. That way you get back some components. A bad reforged primal will be like any other useless primal and net you 55 ashes. If you keep reforging it, you lose potentially 55 ashes every time.