There was a problem sending a chat message to your clan. (Code 319012) 08/08/2020

You might want to check the US forums too then. For example…

Both of the posters in that thread are in EU clans, one of which is the clan’s leader, i.e. should have absolute rights to do anything within it, and is unable to chat in clan, see how many clan members are online and cannot invite people to the clan (so leaving / re-joining wouldn’t be an option for their members).

Thanks :slight_smile: Do you have the issue as well Meteor?

This seems to be effecting a very small number of players and is inconsistent.

  • On test accounts no errors were received.
  • Checking in with natural players active in the game, they reported no issues.
  • Checking with WinterED, an issue does appear to be effecting them.

This is quite possibly an individual issue with specific clans which means those specific clans may need escalated. The cases I can find have been gathered and escalated, however if you also have the issue, please reply to this thread with your exact clan name to also be escalated.

Thanks in advance!

Thank you for your response. It would appear to only be affecting some clans. Logged in today, and problem is still persisting (and my clan name is SuomiFinland, btw)
No one been able use clan chat since wednesday… and no, not even clan leader ^

Nope, I’m not in a clan. I was just trying to help. The linked thread showed that a clan leader was having the same issue as the opening poster, which ruled out permissions being the issue.

im having the same problem

I’ve added you / your clan to the report :slight_smile:

Hi, my clan has the same Problem.
Brotherhood of Steel
Ty 4 help :slight_smile:

Good day. I am the head of the DarkKnights clan (EU). Few days ago the clan stopped working:

  1. The clan chat does not work (error 319012)
  2. Clan players are not visible (there are 99 people in the clan).
  3. I can not accept new players to the clan - the option to accept a player to the clan is not active.
    Trouble ticket: EU73297250
    Please fix the problem.

I’ve added Tantalus. Demon, we have your clan from another report.

Thank you folks :slight_smile:

Hi, is there any ETA for fixing this issue?

To be very clear, these are not the problem:

Every clan member in many clans has this same problem, not all clans assumingly, but from the number of posts appearing at the moment in EU/US forums, I would say this is something that should have some priority by now.

I am glad if you are able to keep us updated on this matter.

Hey i started topic in US server Clan members along with clan master Can not access clan page when try to type on clan error message 319045 occur clan is D3OC

Video of ongoing issue


  1. I don’t get updates in the leaderboard when i get higher in GR solo.
  2. I don’t see the info in the chatbox what i and others find in rifts and GR.
  3. i don’t see what i get when i used the cube.

what can by wrong?

i reinstall the app and Diablo 3 again!


The first one is a known issue under investigation… no ETA for a solution.

For #3… not sure what you mean… pls provide more details – a screenshot might be useful.

Normaly when you have finding legendairy items you go to the book of Cain to see what it is. That information will also show in the chatbox, also from other players in the game/clan. This is also when you use the cube to get better legendairies…

Note: it takes some time before the server give my the builds i using.

ok - so also a chat box issue…

Don’t know… I only play solo… hopefully someone else will know if the chat box is currently broken, or if there is an option to display those notifications.

more players in the clan having the same problems, others don’t.

why have Blizz not sorted the leaderboard problem YET, it has been ongoing for a while.

Pour ma part j’ai pu validé une 123 ce matin vers 3h du mat, et un ami actuellement ne peut pas valider :(, donc le bug est aléatoire ???.

Docker I’ve merged your post into this one as all three of your points are likely related to the same problem.

RafaleInside, I wont stretch to say random since I don’t have that knowlege, however I will say that most people are not effected.

We don’t currently have an update at this time, we’re sorry. Thank you for your patience.

I post one more time because I think my post above was missed

Clan: :D30C:the outcast

Issue: zero clan members avaible whole time , no access to clan main page, trying to communicate on clan chat results in error 319045, no loot list from clan members i do provide also video of ongoing issue in this link

It is going on for over week now Clan members and Clan master all have this issue please i humble ask for your assistance