This is a message for the Diablo 3 Devs

Hi to the Diablo 3 team could you do me a favour please?.. I’m disabled with bad hand control so my gameplay is quite limited and slow moving but I’m absolutely in love with the Necromancer. I am only able one to play with one hand ie one finger on a keyboard and a trackball. Due to my bad hand control I’ve invented a 4 button Necro build which is… my essence maker Bone Spikes / Sudden Impact on my left mouse click - I have Skeletal Mage / Singularity on my right click - Then as my nuke heavy hitters i use Army Of The Dead / Death Valley which is on the Num 0 (first in UI bar) with Land The Dead / Plaguelands on Num 1 (second in UI bar) … then Devour / Devouring Aura to suck up essence i never hit that - then i have Command Skeletons / Frenzy as every hit they deal I get life keeping me alive ish lol… my Passive Skills are extended Servitude - Overwhelming Essence - Final Service - Draw Life.

I’ve managed to shorten the CoolDowns by enchanting every possibly gear but it still takes ages between CoolDowns for Land Of The Dead. Blizzard my favour is could you remove the CoolDown on Land Of the Dead or at least make the CoolDown 15 seconds if you really must have a CoolDown. This would give me tons of Mages most of the time making the so much more enjoyable to play as what I personally can do will always be limiting.



PS I’d love to talk to the Devs about subtle little in game changes that would make life in Diablo easier for people with limited hand control. Like the option to move your character by using the Arrow Keys on the keyboard and a option to “Select Nearest Target” with a keyboard button, this would stop the need do use the mouse much less. My email address is

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