Thorns necro Crowd Control

Hey there!

I am currantly trying out the thorns pet necromancer build, i also play with a friend. He is a hammerdin crusader with worse gear than me, but he just melts mob packs while i struggle with even one.

I have seen thorns necros need Bone Ringer as their phylactery, because it increases the damage of the skeletons. Also, Krysbin’s sentence as a ring because of the CC damage bonus.

Now, if i build everything into thorns, my skeletons will do really low damage right? their main damage output will be by proccing thorns while getting hit. So whats the point in CC-ing mobs? they cant hit my skeletons if they are stunned. And my skeletons should do low damage with their attacks because i built to thorns.

So i cant really figure out this build. should my skeletons do high damage without throns as well?

ty in advance

they dont need to be stunned just slowed

Mobs that are control impaired will be affected by the damage bonus from the Bane of the Trapped gem. The impairment doesn’t need to be a freeze or a stun, things like slows will also work (and that’s why the rank 25 bonus of the gem causes a slowing aura, to self-proc itself).