Thoughts on improving WW barb

Anyone else think that barbarians should get an increase on rend dmg on the waste set to go up to 12500% (or some kind of increase to let us at least keep up with all the other classes that can get to GR 145+) instead of 10000%? or experiment with a ring that adds rend % dmg. or maybe even increasing the weapon dmg that rend/bloodbath base do. It just feels so lack luster going into some of these GR wanting to actually play dmg barb then feeling like you do no kind of dmg. we are basically just a worse version of the DH right now. but hey leave your thoughts on here maybe the team will see it and give us just a slight boost from one of yalls ideas

Worldwide Barb Rankings
Top clearance this season is a GR146.
A dozen players world-wide have done better on a DH.

Regardless, if you’re aiming to go into a GR pushing group as a Barb, and you’re hoping to fill the trash killer, or guardian killer spots, you’re out of luck. If you want high level groups as a Barb, you’ll be playing zBarb, because there are other classes much better at the damage roles.