To the Diablo 3 team - Season 21 Plea

To the Diablo 3 team - Season 21 Plea… I’m totally in love with Mage Necromancers in Diablo 3 but as I’m disabled with bad hand control I can only play my build which is… Bone Spikes / Sudden Impact - Skeletal Mage / Singularity - Army of the Dead / Death Valley - Land of the Dead / Plaguelands - Devour / Devouring Aura - Command Skeletons / Frenzy… with Life from Death - Extended Servitude - Overwhelming Essence - Final Service… aprart from the 2 mouse buttons I press, the only other 2 buttons I press are for Army / Land of the Dead. This is easy for my hands etc, but its not that powerful. I’ll never be the best and thats fine with me but in Season 21 could you make my build a powerful beast please just this once?

Also could you make your follower move on those Season Buff Circles as I never can move on them in time?

Lastly I can only do Season chapters 1-5 due to my hands etc and thats perfectly fine with me. But can you go back to rewarding the Season Pet on chapter 4 please as I love the Season 20 Bat Pet but i’ll never get it as theres only one class I can actually play and I cant do Hardcore either.

Thank you

There’s always a cosmetic reward for the completion of Chapter IV but they cycle through pet > pennant > pet > wings. The rewards for Guardian completion are in addition to whatever’s granted for Chapter IV.

As for your hands limiting your playstyle / build choices, how are your legs and feet? Reason I ask is because it’s possible to get USB footpedals where the press of the pedal can issue the equivalent of a keypress. That way you could have three of your abilities controlled by pedal rather than by hand. For example…®-Control-Keyboard-Action-Fußpedal/dp/B00O055QB4/

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thank you i never knew that the cosmetic reward for the completion of Chapter IV but they cycle through pet > pennant > pet > wings.

And thanks for the thought but my feet and legs are useless :slight_smile:
If Frailty / Aura of Frailty did more damage and gave life at the same time I would use that instead of Command Skeletons / Frenzy.

You’re welcome in my Clan if you choose buddy its called KAIN’S TORMENT (same as my band name)