Trade between players

I want to ask. So far i have been selling weapons,armor, rings etc to merchants in tristram, westmarch. And i bought items from them. Is it possible to trade with other players? If so how can i do it?

Do not do this.

Salvage them at the blacksmith to turn them into crafting materials. These materials are needed to craft items (from recipes taught to him after you find them in-game from Bounty caches), to re-roll affixes at the Mystic and for various recipes in Kanai’s Cube.

When you are in a party with other players, items that dropped from mobs can be traded to the other players for up to two hours after they dropped, after which time it’s no longer possible to trade them. It is not possible to trade items obtained in other ways (e.g. purchased via gambling at Kadala, crafted at the Blacksmith) and it’s not possible to trade at all with players who were not in your party when loot dropped.


I re-roll properties, yes i know that, in the mystic. And the salvaging is very useful. Ok thank you, i wanted to know if there was something like an auction house for trading but you said no. I joined a guild a few hours ago, do you know if there are seperate quests and activities for guilds? Do i earn guild experience?

There is no “guild experience” but if you play with a group, up to 4 players, then you do gain far more experience but keep in mind enemies get harder and you will lose your follower. It is still by far the best way to get experience and an active guild should be able to help you along.
If you are going to play with guild members just make sure you discuss your game plan first and you know what your role will be. A good plan leads to even better results.

Just to clarify - this applies only to legendary (orange, green) items. Any other item (white/gray, blue, yellow) is tradeable at all times, provided you do not enchant it, nor put a gem in its socket (if it has one).
Just look at the bottom right corner of the item’s description - if it says “Account bound”, it’s only yours and cannot be given to another player.